Dr.  Christian Kliesch

Dr. Christian Kliesch

Faculty Psychologie
E-mail ck@antipattern.net
Location Berlin

Field of work

Lecturer General Psychology


Christian Kliesch completed his PhD in Developmental Psychology at the University of Lancaster in 2019 where he investigated children’s early understanding of communicative signals on their understanding of others’ actions. Prior to his PhD, he took an MSc in Evolution of Language and Cognition at the University of Edinburgh and an MA(Hons) in Psychology at the University of Glasgow.
He worked as a research assistant at the Wortakrobaten lab in Mainz, the Lancaster Babylab, the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig) and the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Leipzig).
His research interests lie in children’s early communicative and social development, dialogue and language evolution and general principles of human cognition, in particular the link between perception and action. He has also an ongoing interests in general epistemology and open science.