Prim. Univ. - Prof. Dr. med. univ. Harald Kritz

Prim. Univ. – Prof. Dr. med. univ. Harald Kritz

Faculty Medizin
Location Wien

Field of work

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Kritz is a specialist in
internal medicine and an additional
specialist in endocrinology and diabetology.
He received his doctorate from the Medical
University of Vienna in 1978. His specialist
training took place at the metabolism
department in Hietzing Hospital under Prof.
Irsigler. He then headed a BVA
rehabilitation centre in Baden for 26 years
and ran a teaching practice. He received the
venia docendi at the Medical University of
Vienna in 1998 for his scientific work in
atherosclerosis research (Prof. Sinzinger).
He published over 150 scientific papers and
4 books. He was the first researcher in
Austria to give online lectures as early as
1997. Since 1996 he has been leading a
long-term project in the Society of
Physicians on digital transformation. In the
process, he succeeded in putting the first
expert videos online as early as 2000 and
transforming the library into the digital age.
His comprehensive medical knowledge in
combination with his very special
knowledge in the field of the digital world
and his unusual way of implementing his
visions led to his appointment to the chair
for e-health and digitalisation in medicine,
which is unique in Europe.