Ass. - Prof. Dr. med. univ. René Schmutz

Ass. – Prof. Dr. med. univ. René Schmutz

Faculties Medicine, Psychotherapy Science
Location Vienna

Field of work

Assistant Professor of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine


René Schmutz is a specialist in
anaesthesiology and intensive care
medicine. After studying at the Medical
Faculty of the University of Vienna and the
Medical University of Vienna, he completed
his specialist training at the university
anaesthesiology clinic there. After an
instructive stopover at the Interdisciplinary
Emergency Department of the
Wilhelminenspital, he ended up at the
Department of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care
Medicine and Pain Therapy at the Hospital
of the Merciful Brothers in Vienna. He is still
active as a freelance emergency physician
and senior emergency physician, as well as
in a facility for conducting clinical studies in
the field of allergology (VCC).