CityLAB:Berlin and Sigmund Freud University are pleased to announce an interdisciplinary lecture series this autumn that considers „space“ in a multitude of ways.

These talks will take place at
CityLAB:Berlin, Belzigerstr. 25, 10823 Schöneberg, Berlin,  Google Maps

Planned are three „Tuesday Talks“ for the fall:

  • 7pm OCT 18: Power + Space, featuring talks by :::
    Baris Ülker, anthropologist
    Johanna Werner, Architects for Future  
  • 7pm OCT 25: Body + Space, featuring talks by :::
    Ska Salden, psychologist
    Jessica Aszodi, performer, vocalist, theorist  
  • 7pm NOV 1: Safety + Space, featuring talks by :::
    Johanna Würzburger, psychologist
    Eszter Szenes, linguist + social anthropologist 

The talks are open to the public, all are welcome!


Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität   
Department Psychologie                                                
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