Ass.-Prof. Dr. Katharina Reboly
Vice Dean

Kathy Reboly has been the founding director of Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität SFU in Berlin since 2013, where she has also headed the Department of Psychotherapy Science and the ibid. affiliated state-recognised Training Institute for Psychotherapy together with Prof. Dr. Georg Franzen since 2016. Licence to practise & specialist qualifications 2010, doctorate on the academisation of psychotherapy 2016, since 2018 she has acted as assistant professor for psychotherapy science in teaching, psychotherapy research and training of prospective psychotherapists.

Since 2013, she has been working as a licensed psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in her own KV practice in Berlin and acts as a supervisor & teaching therapist, as a KBV reviewer and as a licensing examiner (LAGeSo).

Her research and teaching focuses on the academisation of psychotherapy, the new university didactics of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and the university as well as questions of procedural diversity. She is currently working on the implementation of the new further training to become a specialist psychotherapist at the SFU Berlin for the psychotherapists who will then be newly qualified after completing their PTW studies from 2025. She has been Vice Dean for University Psychotherapy at the Faculty of Psychotherapy Science since 2024.


Somatopsychotherapy in theory & practice
Transplant psychology
Possibilities and limits of psychosocial forms of intervention
Psychotherapeutic treatment technique/s
Psychotherapy in research & teaching, practice & training
Art Brut & “Outsider Art
University development & university quality management
The “Messie-Syndrome” (awarded 06: Marianne Ringler Research Promotion Prize)
Organiser of conferences & symposia since 2010 (Ø 3 per anno)
Supervisor (DFT): Supervision work in the clinical and psychosocial field


Psychotherapy science & methodological pluralism
Psychotherapist training research
Academisation of psychotherapy in Europe (from the perspective of the history and theory of science, the healing sciences, and professional, higher education and health policy)




Management SFU Vienna

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