Univ. - Prof. Mag. Dr. med. univ. Thomas Frischer

Univ. – Prof. Mag. Dr. med. univ. Thomas Frischer

Faculty Medicine
E-mail thomas.frischer@med.sfu.ac.at
Location Vienna

Field of work

Chair of General Paediatrics


2014-Full member of the Ethics Committee
of the City of Vienna; 2015-Academically
Certified Hospital Manager (Danube
University Krems); 2014 Physician of
Confidence of the Vienna Patients'
Ombudsman Board; 3/2014 Awarded the
professional title of "University Professor";
from 2/2013-Board of Directors of the
Paediatric Department of the
Wilhelminenspital Vienna;
2006-2012 Diploma in Philosophy; 2008-
2012 Head of the Cystic Fibrosis Centre and
the Lung Transplant Outpatient Clinic at the
University Clinic for Paediatrics and
Adolescent Medicine, Vienna; 2011-2014
Member of the Board of the Austrian Society
for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine;
2007 Additive Specialist Paediatric
Pulmonology; 2002 Venia docendi for
Paediatrics; 1994 Venia docendi for