Caroline Jacobi

Caroline Jacobi

Faculty Psychology
Location Berlin

Field of work

Scientific Associate


Since January 2021 Caroline Jacobi is a research assistant for the project “Operative Psychology” at the department of psychology of Sigmund Freud Private University Berlin. In Berlin she studied cultural science at the Humboldt University and history and culture of science and technology at the Technical University, with main focus on history of science. For her master thesis she did research on the area of tension between science, economy and politics in the colonial era on the basis of historical records about the German Colonial Museum, collected in the German Federal Archive. As a student assistant she worked for the former Commissioner for the Records of the Ministry of State Security of the GDR (now: Stasi Records archive) at the historical site of the Stasi head quarter located in Berlin-Lichtenberg. Her main focus within the research project lies on the research of historical records of the history of psychology in the former GDR.