Diplom Soziologin Ines Jarchow

Diplom Soziologin Ines Jarchow

Faculty Psychology
E-mail ines.jarchow@jarchow-partner.de
Location Berlin

Field of work



Ines Jarchow, born in Berlin in 1959.
1984 degree in sociology at the University of Hamburg, postgraduate studies as an educational-psychological consultant in the department of psychology. 1987 as a sociologist in research and advice at the control center for equality of women in the public service of the city of Hamburg.
Since 1989 head of the HR department of a management consultancy and freelancer for various academies. 2014 certified career advisor at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences. Until today studies of Buddhism and 2021 certified meditation teacher at the Tibetan Center in Hamburg.
1990 Foundation of the management consultancy Jarchow & Partner with the pillars of coaching, advice and supervision, management development and employee surveys in industry, trade and services. Since 1995 various teaching activities as a lecturer. 2016 TOP Coach Germany, award from Fokus magazine in the categories: executive coaching, career coaching and
Work-life balance coaching
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