Dr. Sandra Köhldorfer

Dr. Sandra Köhldorfer

Faculty Psychotherapy Science
E-mail s.koehldorfer@gmail.com
Location Vienna

Field of work



Dr.in Sandra Köhldorfer is a psychological psychotherapist in her own practice in Germany and Austria. Focus: Psychoanalysis, group dynamics and group psychotherapy, personality disorders, relationship research, family, couple and group therapy, child and adolescent psychotherapy, group psychoanalytical team and organizational development as well as media and communication consulting. Since 2013 she has been teaching concepts of processes and dynamics in groups, differential disease theory with a focus on personality disorder, psychosocial forms of intervention, psychotherapeutic conversation, crisis interventions, holds seminars and supervisions in the training of child and adolescent psychotherapy and other various teaching assignments. Since 2013 she has also been active as a book author and in the media.