Dirk Radtke, Diplom Politologe

Dirk Radtke, Diplom Politologe

Faculty Psychology
E-mail dirk.radtke@berlin.de
Location Berlin

Field of work

Lecturer in statistics


Mr. Radtke is a lecturer for statistics in the bachelor's degree in Psychology at the SFU. He is a certified university professor. Dirk Radtke studied political science, economics, cultural studies and theater pedagogy and also obtained a master's degree in higher education. Due to his interdisciplinary orientation and experience in the private sector as well as many years of work as a trainer, he designs his teaching in a practical and application-oriented manner. Sample publications are:

Drexler, F., Holdschlag, A., Kunde, P., Laczny & Radtke, D. (2012). Competence orientation in course development using the example of a fictitious interdisciplinary master’s course on global climate change. In U. Senger (Ed.), Competence Orientation in University Teaching (pp. 418-454). Paradigm.

Radtke, D. (2009). Scientific work. In T. Dreiskämper, O. Hoffjann & C. Schicha (eds.), Handbook Media Management. LIT publishing house.