PD Dr. phil. Hilmar Schmiedl-Neuburg

Faculty Psychotherapy Science
E-mail schmiedl-neuburg@ippk.de
Location Berlin

Field of work



Hilmar Schmiedl-Neuburg is on the faculty of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Kiel, Germany, and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts Boston, USA. He is director of the Institute for Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Cultural Studies, Berlin, and one of the editors of the journal Y.
His professional positions include visiting and interim professorships and fellowships in Kiel, Hamburg, Vienna, Prague and Harvard in the fields of philosophy and psychotherapy.
He is a Gestalt therapist in private practice, lecturer at the John-Rittmeister-Institute for Psychoanalysis, Kiel, and fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis.