Dr. Judith Sild

Dr. Judith Sild

Faculty Law
Location Vienna

Field of work



is a subject matter expert at the Financial Centre Innovation and Digitalisation Unit (SFID) of the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein. She worked at the Institute for Constitutional Law and Political Science during her law studies at Johannes Kepler University Linz. After her studies, she worked as a trainee lawyer and as a court trainee in Bregenz and Innsbruck. At the University of Innsbruck, she worked as a university assistant at the Institute for European and International Law. After obtaining her doctorate in European, international and constitutional law, she worked as a legal specialist in the banking department of the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority and then as an assistant professor at the Chair of Banking and Financial Market Law of the Institute of Business Law at the University of Liechtenstein. Her focus is on EU/EEA law, specifically in the area of sustainability, digitalisation and digital financial services.