Dr. med. Harald Ullmann

Dr. med. Harald Ullmann

Faculty Psychotherapy Science
E-mail harald.ullmann@t-online.de
Locations Berlin, Vienna

Field of work

Lecturer Berlin


Studied in Freiburg, Kiel and Vienna followed by residencies in internal medicine, neurology and psychiatry. Doctor in charge in psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics. Qualification in psychoanalysis, family-therapy, hypnotherapy and Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapie (KIP) – English expression: “Guided Affective Imagery” (GAI). Lecturer at the German and the Czech society for KIP. Member of the German associaction of pychosomatic medicine (DKPM) and the German psychoanalytic association (DPV). Practising in the own doctor´s office since 1992 (psychotherapy, coaching, supervision). Lecturer at some postgraduate schools for psychotherapy, lecturer at the SFU od Berlin.
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