Dr. Sylvester Walch

Faculty Psychotherapy Science
E-mail sylvester@walchnet.de
Location Vienna

Field of work



Dr., born 1950, studied psychology, psychiatry, psychopathology and philosophy. Licensed Psychotherapist (Germany and Austria) and Clinical Psychologist (BDP, BÖP), Supervisor (DGSv) and Group Dynamician (ÖAGG). Decades of activity as a trainer for Integrative Gestalt Therapy (ÖAGG), Integrative Therapy (FPI), Client-centred Psychotherapy (ÖGwG). He is the founder and overall director of the curricula for Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Holotropic Breathwork as well as body-centred psychotherapy. He is a trainer in the Grof Legacy Training for Holotropic Breathwork. He directed a psychotherapeutic hospital for many years and held teaching positions at various universities. He has written numerous articles and five books. He is Honorary Chair of the IHTP and Director of the International Institute for Holotropic Breathwork, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Spiritual Care.