Dr. Christian Katzian

Dr. Christian Katzian

Faculty Psychotherapiewissenschaft
E-mail christian.katzian@gmail.com
Location Wien

Field of work



Dr. Christian Katzian is a resident doctor at Neuromed Campus, a part of the Kepleruniversitätsklinikum Linz. After finishing his MD degree at the Medizinische Universität Wien, he started his residency years in Freistadt. He completed his GP in 2012. Afterwards he spent some time working as an attending physician and completed the training to become an emergency medicine speacialist. In 2013 he started his medical training towards becoming a psychiatrist. At the same time he embarked on becoming a psychotherapist with a focus on systemic psychotherapy. Since leaving university he was also offered the opportunity to work scientifically and host a number of training and teaching events for colleagues, patients as well as their family members.