Dr. scient. Pth.  Martin Link, MSc.

Dr. scient. Pth. Martin Link, MSc.

Faculty Psychotherapy Science
E-mail Kontakt.PsychotherapieLink@gmail.com
Location Berlin

Field of work

Lecturer Berlin


Martin Link completed his psychology studies by master's thesis in 2015 and his psychotherapy studies by doctoral thesis in 2023. His main areas of study included collaboration on various research projects, tutorials and coordination at the University Outpatient Clinic in Vienna. In 2017, he obtained registration as a psychotherapist & psychoanalyst in Austria and German licensure as a psychological psychotherapist in depth-based and analytic psychotherapy. In 2018 he completed his training as an infant, child and adolescent therapist in Austria, which was also recognized in Germany in 2020. He works independently in Austria and in Germany, as a psychotherapist, organizational psychoanalyst, lecturer and teacher in the fields of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, etiquette and organizational consulting.

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